wBefore You Interactw April 27 at 4:54 PM
I have issues understanding people (sometimes), you could misunderstand what I mean and visa versa, I'm a yapper, I could be slow at times (understanding)
wDo Not Interact Ifw April 27 at 4:59 PM
Homophobic, transphobic, racist, mlm/wlw fetishizer, "fujoshi/fudanshi", dry texter, impatient
wNotesw April 27 at 4:54 PM
If I find out that you are either of the following list in the DNI, straight block, I don't like to waste energy on things I dislike (such as arguing).

Gay love story

This is for my special boy; Macallister <3
Be the Ida to my Aoki 💛

wHobbies w • Reading, writing, drawing, painting, music, watching, working out, animal parent, knitting, crochet, Volleyball, jogging, photography and making friends.
wLikes w • Talking, gibbering, serious discussions, affection, deep talks, caring, books, Hannibal, Anime, yarn, friends, colors, manhwas, manhuas, mangas, comics, daydreaming and the list goes on.
wDislikes w • People who are overall shitting on people/things/places/etc, people misunderstanding me, getting ignored for no reason, showing interest as friends then suddenly being shitty asf, attention seekers narcissists, not having sense of seriousness and the list goes on.